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TEAM ENGAGEMENT EXPERT: Do you want leadership training that inspires your teams to be self-motivated, organised, forward thinking, positive and on the same page as you?

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As one of only nine Certified Speaking Professionals in New Zealand, I offer a proven formula for shifting corporate culture by transforming individuals thinking, attitudes, and behaviours. Having worked with some of New Zealand’s premium businesses I have a track record in brokering team development and leadership growth. If you want your employees more committed, your leaders more collaborative, and your customers more engaged, then get in touch with me now for a free consultation.

Glen Sharkey
Award winning educator, trainer, author


Glen is sure you’re after results, and so is he. Contact him for more information on:

Conference Speaking

Conference Speaker

KEYNOTES 30-90 minutes.
Entertaining, engaging and inspiring.

Specialist keynotes include
- Effective Leadership
- Team Engagement
- Positive Mindsets
- Overcoming Challenges
- Coping with Change
- Courageous Conversations

Warning - there will be no chance of a coroner ruling ‘Death by Powerpoint’. My keynotes are interactive, high energy and fun.

Workshop Delivery

Short Workshop Delivery

WORKSHOPS 2-8 hours.
Learner centered, fun and interactive.

Subjects can include:
- Communication
- Team Building
- Leadership Skills
- Problem Solving Skills
- Planning and Decision Making Tools
- Training Others
- Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Can be delivered as part of a wider conference or a related program. Workshops that target your pain points or areas you want to upskill or enhance in the workplace.

Training Delivery

Ongoing Training Delivery

TRAINING 2-10 days.
In a word - transformational.

Over several days, weeks or months, I offer goal based group training that hones interpersonal skills and sees real life change both in the workplace and in people’s personal lives.

With easy to follow manuals that can be custom made to meet your business' needs, these sessions can inject your business teams with energy, direction and connectivity.

Building healthy teams builds healthy businesses!

What people have to say

“Glen is without question the most dynamic, engaging, patient and humorous course facilitator I have had the pleasure of learning from.” – Julian Moore KIWIRAIL

Check out these videos for more stunning responses to the impact that Glen has in his keynote speaking, leadership training, seminar presentations, and educational workshops.

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“The thing with Glen Sharkey is that he knows his material extremely well from both a theoretical and a real life application perspective. This enables him to stimulate meaningful discussion and play out real life scenarios within the group to better reinforce the learnings. His style is very inclusive and he has an innate ability to connect with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Sharkey is importantly very clear on what his objectives are, but isn’t a slave to the course structure and so is a master of adapting on the fly to best deliver on the needs of the particular group he is working with.”

Richard Keenan - KIWIRAIL Tourism | Tourism Brand Manager

“I first entered the leadership training being facilitated by Glen Sharkey with some doubts and misgivings. Due to his approach, within an hour my doubts vanished and I found myself engaging with him and other participants in ways quite uncharacteristic for me. Since his course finished, I have found that due to the appropriate, quality knowledge that Glen provided I have grown substantially, both personally and professionally, and I continue to do so.”

Scott Wightman - WEST AUCKLAND TRUSTS IT Operations Manager

“Glen’s ability to relate and deliver key messages that people actually want to hear and take action on is outstanding. His content has a massive relevance and his connection to a variety of audiences has obviously got him to this space he now occupies.”

Annah Stretton - Founder ANNAH STRETTON CLOTHING and RAW

“Sharkey, is thoroughly competent; has great energy, is well prepared in the way the space is set up, makes a point of greeting everyone as they enter the space. He has vast life experience, a great memory for quotes and theories.  He is a master of his trade.”

Reuben Araroa - KIWIRAIL Freight Manager

“I have thoroughly enjoyed and gained immensely from Glen’s presentations at these highly informative sessions.  He makes the presentation so very interesting and engaging and his delivery is so impeccable.”

Lawrence Albuquerque - WEST AUCKLAND TRUSTS Stock Auditor

“Glen did such an incredible job of crafting his session. His delivery is so smooth, polished and authentic. Everyone raved about it. It’s just a real pleasure to work with him.”

Vanessa Frost - Head of People and Capability, LUMINO DENTISTS

“I’m not articulate enough to express the gratitude for not only the course content but the way you lead the course with personal anecdotes and stories.”

James Robson - TIPTOP Bread Maintenance Manager

“The speaker was outstanding – interesting, knowledgeable, energetic and believable – in fact I didn’t find myself ‘drifting off’ and thinking about what I was going to have for lunch at all, like I often do when I go to seminars!  Huge thumbs up to him!”

Marion Jackson - MY VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Director

“We went to the seminar this morning and may I say that it was absolutely fantastic.  I have never heard a speaker with such clarity and an awesome way with words. Also excellent body language.  I sat forward on my seat the whole time.”

Kelley Clifton - DKGM Ltd Director

“I got a huge amount from that most eloquent and relevant presentation. Many and enviable congratulations to that beautifully articulate, fluent, and genuinely celebrity–style deliverer.”


You held all our attention over the days of training, gave time to individuals and used examples of leadership that related to our day to day business and company values and it truly has inspired me!

Andrew Keogh - DOWNER UFB Site Supervisor

“Glen’s standard of delivery and interaction was of the highest standard I have experienced. Awesome.”

Sam Kahui - KIWIRAIL Senior Infrastructure Technology Technician

“Glen is an electrifying public speaker. His passion for his subject matter is infectious.”

Evan Cooper - ZEALD Marketing Manager

“I’ve been involved in a lot of training over the years and Sharkey is by far the best trainer I’ve ever had!!!”

Maurice Clarkson - HYNDS Precast Manager


Hardeep Singh - WEST LIQUOR Store Manager

“Sharkey is simply the best!”

Aileen Tough - MASH Learning Development Advisor
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Resources to Inspire & Educate

Glen Sharkey has created numerous resources: Check some of them out below to see if any can help you with where you are at on your journey.

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The Art of Persuasive Influence

What works and why in positively influencing people and outcomes. Full of stories from the workplace that illustrate practical lessons for leaders. Inspiring and informative.

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Fairly Common Tales

Fables with real life relevance for leaders in the workplace. Fun stories based on common fairy tales, to help you easily assimilate high level learning in your leadership team.

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Discover the Keys to Training Excellence

Tips for training others from someone who has worked in the training field for over 30 years.

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30+ Training Activities

Practical exercises and activites to help energise and engage those you are training.

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