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Hi, I’m Glen - let me make your event even more memorable!

My expertise in terms of keynotes and business presentations stems from a combination of three elements:

These three factors combine to mean that my presentations are insightful, engaging, and memorable. But I don’t stop there! All of my presentations are customised to the specific organisation or industry that I’m speaking to. I interview senior members of the industry and those closer to the frontline in order to tailor my content specifically to the needs of the audience. Adding this to the first three elements is what makes me a fourth dimensional speaker!

More About Glen

Certified Speaking Professional
Professional Speakers Australia

2x Educator of the Year
NSANZ 2015-2016 & 2019-2020

Westpac Auckland
Business Awards Judge

Courageous Conversations Presentation

"Navigating Courageous Conversations!" (A Roadmap for dealing with Tough Topics and People) What’s the biggest pain point for most people in today’s workplace? With over 30 years in people development, I have consistently seen team leaders in multiple industries and professions struggle with the same issue: conducting courageous conversations. In this presentation based on my book “Navigating Courageous Conversations! A Roadmap for Addressing Tough Topics (and People!)”, I demystify the subject and give people clear and simple tools to equip their confidence and ability to handle challenging conversations.

More About Glen's Courageous Conversations Presentation

Health & Safety Presentation

"Stop Focusing on People Speaking Up!!" (The Next Chapter in the Health & Safety Journey) Is it time to stop beating the drum of telling people to ‘Speak Up’ when it comes to hazards, near misses, and incidents? In this presentation I address the ‘new drum’ of how much safer we will be working in the next evolutionary stage of H&S where we place increased emphasis on the person being ‘spoken up to’ who needs to be open to influence, based on my book “The Art of Persuasive Influence”. In this presentation I share my own dramatic journey of my father being involved in a work-related incident that changed our family forever, and the difference that it would have made if he had workmates that were prepared to speak out, and if he was the kind of guy that was open to their message.

More About Glen's Health & Safety Presentation

Behavioural Styles Presentation

"What's Wrong with You?!?” (Working with Behavioural Styles) Why do some people just rub you up the wrong way? Why are others such a joy to be around? Behavioural Styles is by far my most popular and entertaining workshop content that has been requested by businesses over the years in presentation form. During this presentation, based on my book “Little Red Racing Hood- A Tale of Four Behavioural Styles”, I have people moving around the room and laughing at each other and themselves in such a way that leaves people talking about their “Colours” long after the conference has concluded.

More About Glen's Behavioural Styles Presentation

Presentation Skills Keynote

"Present Like a Pro!" (Professional Presentation Skills for Non-Professionals) Do you wish your team delivered more engaging presentations that yielded better results both internally and externally? Are your sales, safety and productivity linked to your team’s ability to get a message across in a memorable fashion? Based on my book “Outstanding Presenters Speak for Themselves- a Certified Speaking Professional Reveals the 10 Essential Elements to Winning Presentations”, this presentation equips anyone who needs to speak to a group in order to shift their thinking or behaviour to achieve a desired outcome.

More About Glen's Presentation Skills Keynote

Above The Line Presentation

"Living and Leading Above the Line!"- (Lifting the ‘Ownership Bar’ for Yourself and Others) What is the impact of your team when they don’t think and act with full responsibility? What would be the result in your key metrics if people took full ownership? Having been fired from every job I’d had until my mid-20’s, I know what it’s like to live ‘Below the Line’, and having experienced a dramatic shift to ‘Above the Line’ thinking, I know the positive impact both professionally and personally of such a change. This presentation, based on elements from my book “The Art of Persuasive Influence”, identifies why we live ‘Below the Line’, and what it takes to shift ourselves (and others) to more productive ‘Above the Line’ thinking and action.

More About Glen's Above the Line Presentation

Companies I’ve Presented To

"Great energy on stage"

N.R. - Tom, Dick & Harry Events

"Glen had the audience captivated from beginning to end with his incredible energy, engaging nature"

M.P. - National Mini Storage

"We only wish we had more time on the day to hear more of what Glen"

M.P. - National Mini Storage

"He was the keynote presenter at our Industry Conference in 2019 and our delegates loved him"

K.B.J. - Plastics NZ

"Energetic, humorous and very knowledgeable about the subject matter, he entertained and imparted valuable knowledge"

K.B.J. - Plastics NZ

"His delivery is very polished and authentic, and he is a pleasure to work with"

K.B.J. - Plastics NZ

"Glen is an inspiring speaker that is able to engage his audience and use humour and storytelling to great effect"


"Glen Sharkey would have to be one of the best speakers I have seen with regard to his keynote presentation"

E.D. - Director, Morrow Industries

"He had us engaged straight away"

E.D. - Director, Morrow Industries

"(At one point he had an) industry person up on stage to assist him with an exercise based on trust – which had the audience in stitches"

E.D. - Director, Morrow Industries

"The main thing that has Glen standing above other presenters I have seen is that he is genuine"

E.D. - Director, Morrow Industries

"He took the time to listen to responses from the audience and adapt them into his presentation on the fly"

E.D. - Director, Morrow Industries

"Glen’s hour-long presentation flew by (which I put down to we must have been enjoying ourselves)"

E.D. - Director, Morrow Industries

"A complete professional"

E.D. - Director, Morrow Industries

"We were thrilled with the quality and value of his presentations"

M.S. - Director, Indicator Sales Academy

"Glen is a true professional and one of the best presenters we have ever used. Highly recommend!"

M.S. Director, Indicator Sales Academy

"Sharkey is a great presenter and teacher. He really does practice what he preaches in his use of stories, passion and humour to get his audience engaged"

M.H. - National Sales Manager, Autex Industries

"His presentation skills are above anything myself or my team had experienced"

M.H. - National Sales Manager, Autex Industries

"More importantly showed us first-hand, how to connect with an audience and bring any subject matter to life to have greater impact"

M.H. - National Sales Manager, Autex Industries

"Fun, charismatic, smart and professional"

A.M. - GM Steel & Tube