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“The Art of Persuasive Influence”

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The Art of Persuasive Influence by Glen Sharkey

What works and why in positively influencing people and outcomes? Influence may be a synonym for leadership, but it is not merely confined to formal leadership roles in the workplace. As this book will articulate, influence occurs in families, with customers, with neighbours, on the sports field with fellow players and the opposition and even the referee or umpire. In fact, influence is seen at its clearest when it occurs for the benefit of both parties without any positional authority in the relationship. This book outlines the why, what and how, of influencing others in an easy to read format with numerous real life stories to illustrate. If you lead others in any capacity then you are going to greatly benefit from reading this book. “In “The Art of Persuasive Influence” Glen Sharkey will take you on a fascinating journey into human relationships where kindness, care, respect, and empathy triumph over negativity.” Nabil Doss, Expert in Influential Communication, 2016-2017 President of the Global Speakers Federation “Glen is perfectly placed to write this important book on influence largely because he is someone that has lived it out. He is a leader whose care for those he is leads is genuine, empowering and persuasive.” Michael McQueen, Five-time bestselling author, Nevin Award Winner “Glen walks his talk and this book is a great example of his practical, no nonsense and fun approach to coaching, training and life. This is an essential read if you are in any position to work with or indeed live with other people to whom you influence.” Karen Tui Boyes, NZ Business Woman of the Year, CEO Spectrum Education “From assessing ‘pain points’ through to his innovative ‘care model’, Glen’s exciting book helps you to put in place authentic strategies to develop levels of influence that can positively shape lives. Filled with amusing anecdotes and real life stories that add real value to the reader, this book, I am sure, will become an instant classic.” Tom O’Neil, New Zealand Herald Columnist, Best-selling international author and multi-award-winning speaker “I love this book. Glen Sharkey has captured in a short easy read what some authors take books and more books to cover. The Art of Persuasive Influence is leadership distilled down to easy to grasp key principles that will serve you whether you’re an emerging or experienced leader in any field – a salient reminder of what really matters for us all” Simon Wickham, Ex CEO of Yachting NZ, CEO of The Trusts “Glen Sharkey’s latest book offers invaluable advice to deal with all types of leadership challenges. The book is written to be accessible to everyone, whatever their leader role may be – in the workplace, the sportsground, at home – and contains a huge number of ideas and suggestions to allow the reader to become a positive influence on those around them. I would strongly urge anyone who is a leader to read, learn and grow in their role. A great read.” John Shackleton, Masters Swimming Champion and Award Winning Speaker “Glen Sharkey is an expert when it comes to leadership and using 30 years of experience in developing people he has created a book full of real life examples that will help you develop meaningful relationships through care and courage, gaining you long term respect, trust and influence amongst your peers and community. ‘The Art of Persuasive Influence’ is a must read for individuals, partners, parents, leaders and employers alike.” Andrew Chambers, Director of Eightfold Financial Services “As a relationship management specialist I love this book. Glen Sharkey has captured the essence of influence. As he says; “The giving and taking of influence is the basis of relationships”. I could not agree more! Not only that – he goes on to detail how to use influence, when to use it and how to do it ethically. It’s an easy read, yet packed with useful, practical and ready to implement models, strategies and ideas.” Lindsay Adams, CEO Teamocracy, Global Speakers Federation Life Member, Nevin Award Winner

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“Discover the Keys to Training Excellence”

Written specifically for people working in the field of training and facilitation to help them hone their skills.

“Discover the Keys to Training Excellence” reflects Glen’s 30+ years of  diverse experience in training and education. It reinforces the concept of student-centred learning which is widely accepted in the education of children, but is not so commonly adhered to in training circles. The book is divided into several key sections: learners, pre-training issues, macro and micro programme issues, and wrapping up training.

If you are looking for training results which move beyond content delivery to transformational change of individuals, then you need this book!

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“30+ Activities To Take Your Training To The Next Level”

This book provides more than 30 ideas and activities which Glen has effectively used in his training career to help groups bond, learn and grow.

Glen Sharkey is reknown for the fun and creativity he creates in his training room. The noise of laughter is frequently heard ringing out across business complex’s when Glen is ‘in the house’. So if you are looking to increase the enjoyment your teams get out of their training, the activities in this book will help you to understand an element of how Glen does it.

If you are looking for new ideas to accelerate learning and increase fun among your training groups, then you need this book!

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  Fairly Common Tales: Fables for Leaders in the Workplace”

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Glen has written a number of short stories that may seem like they’re straight out of fairy tale land, but the content is based on the very real scenarios that we encounter in our very real lives.

We live in a busy world with an increasing array of interpersonal challenges. This book is written in an entertaining fashion to make dealing with serious issues in the workplace easier. In this collation of short stories, Glen Sharkey investigates issues we are all too familiar with in both our workplaces and our personal lives: How do we have good relationships? How do we inspire and motivate others? How do we communicate effectively? How do we deal with other people’s attitudes? These fun, provocative, and fast paced vignettes hit the spot.

If you are leading other people, or managing a workplace, this book could well become the ‘go to book’ for staff reading. Glen imparts wisdom and insight with an engaging and charming style. Each individual chapter can also be purchased separately – ideal if you want to focus on a particular issue in the workplace and want to hand out to each staff member a short story to read to bring you all onto the same page.

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Having started professional training over 30 years ago, Glen has gathered a wealth of information and experience along the way. So if you’re involved in any kind of training or facilitation, check out Glen’s blog “Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques for Trainers”- you’ll find excellent tips from technology to training activities, from interesting articles and videos to ‘just fun stuff’… and much, much more!!


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Glen Sharkey’s “Inspiring People” facebook page is full of motivational posts that may just be what you need to spark your next dream into action,  or to deal with that awkward leadership situation you ahve found yourself in.

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  • My Frontline Leadership training experience has been mind blowing- this training with Sharkey not only changes the way you work but changes the way you think. I see Sharkey as the greatest teacher I have had and a fantastic mentor which I’m also very grateful for.

    Frontline Leadership Participant

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  • “In my 28 years working within this industry both in New Zealand and predominantly in the UK I can categorically state that the Safety Leadership course was within the top two courses I have ever attended.”

    Safety Leadership Participant- Passenger Service

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  • ““It has been very difficult to employ adult educators to facilitate workshops since the ‘Sharkey Experience’, as he has set the bar extremely high ….and they won’t settle for anything less!” So how can we make sure we only have you in the future?”


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  • ‘Thank you sooo much’ for... a superb and relevant seminar. The speaker was outstanding – interesting, knowledgeable, energetic and believable... Huge thumbs up to him!"

    Seminar Attendee

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  • "I am not articulate enough to express the gratitude for not only the course content but the way you lead the course with personal anecdotes and stories.”

    Engineering Manager

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  • “We really appreciated your humour, your excellent people skills, and your… outgoing/fun personality that really fired up our team”

    General Manager

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  • “What I admire the most about you Sharkey is your passion to share your knowledge, your quick wit and always knowing the right thing to say…”

    Team Leader

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  • “Many and enviable congratulations to that beautifully articulate, fluent, and genuinely celebrity–style deliverer”

    Seminar Attendee

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  • “Absolutely, what a great choice. Glen nailed it! He was inspirational to listen to and caught my attention throughout the entire session.”

    Conference attendee

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  • “I’ve been involved in a lot of training over the years and Sharkey is by far the best trainer I’ve worked with!!”


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