Glen Sharkey is repeatedly asked back to work with businesses year after year. Clients are impressed at the quick and effective impact Glen has on their staff and business.   You’ll see a number of the industries and professions he’s worked with below, but don’t just take his word for it- check out the client comments at the bottom of this page.

Customer Transport

Leadership Training including Safety Leadership

Infrastructure and Telecommunications

Leadership Training and Mentor Development

Agricultural Supplies

Leadership and National Sales Conference- Problem Solving Workshops

Customer Service

National Customer Service Annual Conferences- Dealing with Aggressive Customers

Building Supplies

Leadership Training (First Line, Managers, Senior Management)

Wine Making

Leadership Training and Development of Trainers

Care Giving

Leadership Training and Educator Development

Veterinarian Franchise

Conference Speaking: Customer Service and Communication Styles

Environmental and Infrastructure Products

Leadership and Core Skills Development

Power Industry

Mentor Development

Food Manufacturing

Leadership Developement

Food Production

Leadership Developement


Customer Service Training

Residential and Commercial Construction Products

Leadership and Core Skills Development

Website Education

Principal Seminar Presenter since 2009

Food Processing Equipment

Conference Speaking- Communication Styles and Strategies

Beauty Industry

Conference Speaker

Extrusion Processing

Operator Development

Stationery Products

Warehousing Staff Development

Wine Production

Cellar, Bottling and Lab Staff Development

Health Supplement Production

Manufacturing and Warehouse Staff Development

Youth Trust

Team Building and Interpersonal Skills

Dental Industry

KeynoteSpeaking and Customer Service Training

Hospitality Industry

Leadership and Team Development Training

  • My Frontline Leadership training experience has been mind blowing- this training with Sharkey not only changes the way you work but changes the way you think. I see Sharkey as the greatest teacher I have had and a fantastic mentor which I’m also very grateful for.

    Frontline Leadership Participant

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  • “In my 28 years working within this industry both in New Zealand and predominantly in the UK I can categorically state that the Safety Leadership course was within the top two courses I have ever attended.”

    Safety Leadership Participant- Passenger Service

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  • ““It has been very difficult to employ adult educators to facilitate workshops since the ‘Sharkey Experience’, as he has set the bar extremely high ….and they won’t settle for anything less!” So how can we make sure we only have you in the future?”


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  • ‘Thank you sooo much’ for... a superb and relevant seminar. The speaker was outstanding – interesting, knowledgeable, energetic and believable... Huge thumbs up to him!"

    Seminar Attendee

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  • "I am not articulate enough to express the gratitude for not only the course content but the way you lead the course with personal anecdotes and stories.”

    Engineering Manager

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  • “We really appreciated your humour, your excellent people skills, and your… outgoing/fun personality that really fired up our team”

    General Manager

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  • “What I admire the most about you Sharkey is your passion to share your knowledge, your quick wit and always knowing the right thing to say…”

    Team Leader

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  • “Many and enviable congratulations to that beautifully articulate, fluent, and genuinely celebrity–style deliverer”

    Seminar Attendee

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  • “Absolutely, what a great choice. Glen nailed it! He was inspirational to listen to and caught my attention throughout the entire session.”

    Conference attendee

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  • “I’ve been involved in a lot of training over the years and Sharkey is by far the best trainer I’ve worked with!!”


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