Glen Sharkey is a connector, an inspirer, a communicator and an expert educator. He absolutely thrives on challenge and loves meeting new people, hence his public speaking, seminars and workshops and leadership training work, where he can be meeting and working with several new groups of people every week.



Glen has honed his training and speaking skills over more than 30 years working in the education industry. Glen has a degree in Business Communication, a Teaching Diploma, and several other education related diplomas and certificates. He was awarded the National Speakers Association of New Zealand’s (NSANZ) “Educator of the Year” 2015-2016. He is also one of only nine people in New Zealand to have received the coveted international “Certified Speaking Professional” award (CSP).

Glen’s own leadership strengths are currently being utilised in his role as the 2017 President of NSANZ. When training and speaking though, his greatest strengths are in his ability to connect with his audience, big or small, in an entertaining, engaging and passionate manner. Glen has taught young and old, individuals and groups of hundreds, literate highly educated CEO’s and non-literate unemployed, in a broad range of skills and across a broad range of ethnicity.

Glen’s ability to connect quickly and warmly with people is one of the keys to his success as an educator. His sense of humour breaks the ice and opens peoples hearts up to transformational learning. He cares about people and this shows through.

Glen also has a unique ability to find the “teacheable moment”. He works with people where they are at and has an intuitive ability to find the unique needs of businesses and individuals and draw out of them solutions for those needs.

As a result of Glen’s adaptive training and communication skills, he has a track record in businesses of producing strategic tailored change among staff, often producing stunning results. These results have not only been noticed in improved corporate culture, they have been noticed in the great results businesses have experienced post-training, both in work enjoyment and profitability, as a consequence of working more strategically and cohesively in team.


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Leadership Development

Workplace Skills Workshop Delivery

Trainer Training

Public Speaking Skills Training

Communication Styles and Strategies Training

Team Building

MC Master of Ceremonies for Conferences

Positive Work Culture Creation

How Glen can help you:

Where possible, Glen values sitting down with clients and discussing their needs and goals as a starting point for what he can offer. For more information on what Glen offers click on the “Speaking and Training” link below:

Speaking and Training

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